Feb 3 16 12:59 AM

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I'm probably way behind the times on this one, but I usually don't care about things until they're near arrival... so Wonder Woman... that's going to suck. 

I'm completely, and utterly disappointed by the casting choice, and read around the intertubes about it, and saw some completely backward perceptions of what's going on. Mainly, they cast Wonder Woman based on appeal, sexual, and international. They picked a pretty model, that is vaguely foreign. She is fairly tall, but really skinny, and not at all intimidating. They said that they were bulking her up for the role, but they are only paying her 300k per movie, of the three she's signed on for, not exactly enough to ruin her modelling career over, so of course she didn't bulk up. 

What is funny to me, is that people claim that suggesting that Wonder Woman should be athletic is body shaming... and that her power comes from magic, or whatever, and not her muscles... but neither do Superman's, or Thor's, so why do they have to be beasts? Or that Lynda Carter was also slender... but someone with Adam West's, or Chistopher Reeve's physique just wouldn't fly in the modern climate of what is expected of Super Heroes, and more is expected now than ever before. Just look at the changes in muscularity of Hugh Jackman over the years of playing Wolverine. Even the comedian Paul Rudd put on weight and definition when it wasn't even contractually obligatory, he did it of his own accord, and they just worked in the shirtless scene unplanned. This is what is expected of superheroes, for them to look athletic, and intimidating, they are supposed to be inhumanly good at punching people in the face, and ought to look like it. 

It is extremely disappointing that they didn't get someone athletic, or that she didn't do what the rest of the actors do (Bale went from 120 to 210 LBS to play Batman between films), and from this, you can see what kind of terrible movie is going to come out of this. I don't think that she has to look like a body builder, but she definitely should look the greatest melee fighter in the world. That sad fact is that that wouldn't look attractive enough. 

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Feb 4 16 6:46 PM

I agree.

Wonder Woman should at the very least embody feminine athleticism.  I personally would prefer her to appear more like in these pictures:

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Feb 4 16 11:12 PM

I Have to Tell Ya ...

This works for me & Violet .......


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Mar 9 16 1:04 AM

I take it all back... I don't often feel so naive!

Work is coming back for me soon, and I'm not exactly in fantastic shape, since I spend most of my time laying around, so for the last couple of weeks I've been trying hard. I of course have no interest in really increasing mass, rather than stamina and endurance -- I just do calisthenics, varied angled push-ups, different pull-ups, and impact cardio, with lots of jumping, and I always do yoga, and maintained that daily over the winter. I've dropped down to 165, at about 13-14% body fat, but I've also been cutting calories, to get into better shape. Feels good getting my core strength back, and shoulder stability and mobility.

Anywho, I have been reading lots and lots of fitness stuff, trying to decide on diets, and kind of hoping to drop below 10% body fat, and look athletic. I was not athletic when I was younger by any means, and haven't ever been as athletic as I am now, I don't think, so I was worried about looking good, and all that, reading all of the prescriptions from all of these fitness models, and dietary stuff, and watching weightlifting and stuff when it hit me... they're all full of shit, they're using drugs... genetics my ass... you'll find more genetic diversity in a group of chimps than you will in the entire human race, and they all are built relatively the same.

I did some researching, and I'm by far not the only one that is skeptical. People within sports, and mma, claim that at least 50% of fighters and athletes are on drugs, and more than likely, if you're not, you're in the minority -- and that it's rampant in hollywood. I heard it best described by a professional that dealt with celebrities, the vast majority of them are just theater nerds, with no athletic inclinations or histories. The idea that they achieve the limits of what is humanly possible for physique in a matter of months, or a year without drugs is not very likely.

You also cannot simultaneously bulk up, and stay lean, no one can eat 6000 calories of chicken a day and not just get fat, or work out for 7 hours a day and not die. Maybe at low intensity, high intervals, but people put on mass by doing high intensity, low intervals. People say that they have the best trainer's money can buy! Yeah, that told the truth, that they're actually just using drugs. Fitness models and trainers, athletes, and now actors have pressure to compete, and their livelihoods rely on looking a certain way, and competing with others that are using...

I was thinking about female mma fighters too when I was thinking of someone that could play wonder woman, but they're probably using drugs! I concede that what she looks like in comic books shouldn't matter towards who plays her, if caring about real people conforming to what she looks like instigates or perpetuates a culture of lying, creating false expectations for those that look up to them, and drug abuse.

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Mar 9 16 4:47 PM

Jenner was on steroids too. Also, interestingly enough, taking testosterone is known to cause gender dysphoria. With the increased testosterone, estrogen production rises to compensate, and prolonged usage damages your body's ability to produce its own, meaning that when you go off of it, there will be a period of time when you won't be producing testosterone, and this is why some experience breast growth after going off roids as well.

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Mar 13 16 11:12 PM

I watch super hero movies, but never really got into comics, beside of really select few, like "Fables" and some more obscure comics, that aren't super hero at all. I like concept of super powers, still.

But I can't get into all the hype/dramah of superheroes adaptations/reimaginings or event flat obsession with the same character brands for over (little less than) the century.

There are so many strong female leads, accurate and honest portrayal of women, dozens of types, that defy harmful stereotypes, so I don't really some mistakes regrarding super hero adaptations, as some grand failures, whether it's their gender or sex or appearance.

Enjoy, what you like, ignore what, you don't like or if you can't do either, punish producers by not paying them money and simply don't watch it - is my philosophy in that matter. Someone will notice and will make it right for you and your gratitude... in cash.

That said, I find whole concept of Wonder Woman (design, mostly) a bit nonsensical. There really should be more of her in media. More movies, independant, for sure, more series, more reboots (don't forget, that while superman had his lion share of movies, he also had his share of failures - and this is WW's first, don't expect them to go risque with her or actually succeed right from the start). With more adaptations, larger audiences will be exposed to the ideas, behind the character, as well, as various interpretations. And, btw Nebezial's portrayal of WW is awesome, as her art in general ("Switch", various demihuman characters).

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Sep 21 16 9:11 AM

Wonder Woman (WW) is actually a very interesting character.  Firstly, she is not a female version of a male hero like Supergirl, Batgirl, Female Thor, or She-Hulk. 
She is her own person and there has not been a male version of her!  According to what I learned (onlline), WW was created by a male psychologist who was inspired by feminists and the women in his life (I'm thinking this shrink is a MTF crossdreamer).  WW's conception and birth were interesting.  Like Athena, she wasn't conceived through natural intercourse.  She was either moded out of clay ( almost like Adam in the Bible) or she was simply a daughter of Zeus but without a mother who brought her out of a womb. 

What insterests me about WW is that she was created during World War II to help the Allied countries fight the Axis nations.  She was fighting with the boys and for the boys.  She wasn't interested in radical feminism.  She was a hero(ine) doing something for a patriotic cause who just so happens to have supernatural powers from another land and a female body.  WW was simply a man moded differently. 

It is little wonder that WW is often the role model of many gay, but cis, men.  Gay men with feminine attributes see their yin-and-yang psyche in Wonder Woman reversed. 


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Sep 22 16 11:41 PM

I have read that William Marston, the one who created the Wonder Woman character, was -- in one way -- a feminist, and one who did not hesitate to give a woman the strenght and powers normally attributed to men.

But that is not all: He was also into bondage and dominant women and dreamt about the rise of the matriarchy.  Wonder Woman was the dominant dominatrix! So yes, he (and she) might have been feminists, but not at all like the left wing "radical feminists" of the present time (who tend to dismiss any expressions of sexuality as men's "objectification" of women).

Which is make perfect sense to me, Jen, when the early Wonder Woman becomes your heroine and "role model".

The dominance part is actually very prominent in those earlier comics.


Recently DC Comics has tried to bring Wonder Woman back to her liberated (and kinky) roots.


(Nedless to say, Wonder Woman does not stay in those chains for long.)

Grant Morrison, who is responsible for this new dominant incarnation of Wonder Woman has critized the new movie for not expressing another side of his heroine, that is the one beyond the violent warrior: the doctor, the healer and the scientist.

Marston made a similar argument in 1943:

“Not even girls want to be girls so long as our feminine archetype lacks force, strength, and power. Not wanting to be girls, they don’t want to be tender, submissive, peace-loving as good women are. Women’s strong qualities have become despised because of their weakness. The obvious remedy is to create a feminine character with all the strength of Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful woman.” 

So the reason I like Wonder Woman is that she combines all manner of traits associated with the strong, liberated, woman. Physical power, brains, will power and a proud sexuality. She is feminine and "masculine" at the same time.

Why Early Wonder Woman Was A Champion Of Feminism... And Bondage


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Apr 9 17 8:42 AM

I am looking forward to the new movie.  I am so into Wonder Woman.  I love her so much that I read the The Secret History of Wonder Woman book!  Wonder Woman could turn this gay femme boy STRAIGHT.  Oh my god!

In the current environment, a Hollywood movie is not going to challenge the Patriarchy.  Look what happened to the recent Ghostbusters movie.  Admittedly, it was a terrible movie, but it was ridiculed for being anti-male.  

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Apr 9 17 11:07 AM

But remember Harri, Woman Woman WAS the PATRIARCHY™ in drag.  She fought on the side of the boys.  It was the 1940s.  Second and third wave feminism hadn't grown yet.  Women were needed in the war effort because countries were dying out their men.  Wonder Woman (now that I see it, she has the same initials as World War [WW]) was the brain daughter of William Marston, a MTF crossdreamer psychologist if you ask me because he hung out too much with feminist (most likely first wave).  Woman Woman and William Marston are like Athena and Zeus, a woman coming out of a man's head.  

As to turning femme gay men straight, I think this is sneaky evolution's way of making sure that the human species continues.  If all men became gay, how do you continue the variation?  Masculine women is evil nature's answer, but the good girls are few and far in-between to accommodate the growing number of gay men.  (Let this be a lesson to modern feminists and TERFs: you reap what you sow, BITCHES!!!!!!)  

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