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Jan 31 16 11:02 PM

Elsa Delyth wrote:
Calling it child porn is pretty hyperbolic, it is definitely sexualizing little girls, but surely the horrific and awful thing about child porn is the exploitation and harm of real children, and not merely the abstract thought, or notion, or personal psychological or emotional purity. That kind of hyperbole, like equating everything to the holocaust decreases it's significance and the reality of its horrors for the cheap shock factor. I wouldn't be apologetic to such puritanical hysterics.

Like equating shooting video game characters in the head, with shooting real people, and funnily enough, there are stricter laws against what kind of fictional violence can be shown against women, compared to men, which re-enforces a societal notion that women are delicate, and need to be treated more protectively. I'm not exactly sure what the "sexist" part was supposed to be about, like, would it have been better if there were sexualized little boys present? Lol, sexuality tends to be pretty sexist -- which is funnily enough why "pansexuals" tend to act like they have a more enlightened sexuality, when studies actually show that they're actually only interested in the most attractive examples of both sexes, and even more choosy, and exclusive in their preferences than hetero or homo-sexuals. Super tangent there.

Thanks for the suggestion of an appreciation thread, but I of course was only being charmingly obnoxious... or at least I figure that it makes me charming...

This 100%.  And this whole exchange shows the really toxic capacity of 3rd wave feminism to take a thread intended to acknowledge the good someone has done and twist into something negative. 

Thanks Jack!


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Feb 10 16 12:29 PM

I want to bump this, because today Jack made what is no doubt was a very hard decision.

I think it was the right decision.  There are tons of places to debate politics, but this forum is supposed to be for crossdreamers!  A place of support and acceptance, and if someone refuses to abide by that then person will drive people in need away.  I feel you made the right decision Jack and once again I appreciate all the hard work you put into this place and your blogs!

Thank you once again!

PS: Now that there are no objections, I am putting the gif back up!

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