Nov 17 15 5:02 AM

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When creating an account, I had to give my real name, my birthdate and my... gender. On my account page, I can see my e-mail. Can everyone see these info? If so, I will have to delete the account.
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Nov 17 15 6:15 AM

Yeah, I saw the same thing, and thought "uh oh, this might cause some anxiety for some." But then it brought up forum preferences which showed much more privacy for the info, and I thought "ah okay, got it."

Jack is also right, of course, it's what I did for quite a few years.

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Nov 18 15 4:30 AM

You control what information will be visible to others. After signing up go to your account page (click on "Profile"), then click on the wench tool icon, then "Privacy", and chose what you want the other members to see. We recommend that you use a pseudonym and a separate, anonymous, email address when signing up for forums like this one.

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