Jan 4 16 3:30 PM

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Before the holidays I did have a few really good chats in the chat room, and I personally like the immediacy of chat room conversations...   But I'd be interested in other peoples views on this underused corner of this site

Are you going to be a chat room user? (Total Votes: 10) - Closed

I won't be using the chat room (2 / 20%)

I might look at the chat room but my main interest is in the forums (3 / 30%)

I'd go to the chat room more often if there was ever anyone there. (1 / 10%)

I do go to the chat room but there is never anyone there. (0 / 0%)

Sometimes I hang out in the chatrrom, and have had some chats there (4 / 40%)

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Jan 4 16 9:22 PM

I have tried TG chat rooms before. For me, it just didn't fill the void of human interaction. Either trying to be sexy or erotic, which it wasn't, or trying to connect intellectually, which it didn't. Again for me, writing in even short paragraphs is much better. That said it will be fun to see the voting results!

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Jan 5 16 12:44 AM

I might go to chat from time to time, but I like the forum format better.  I feel more in control, have more time to review what I say and plan my thoughts.  

And, I really can't explain it, while I haven't ever had a bad experience via chat, I think it just seems to agitate my self-diagnosed Social Phobia/S.A.D. more.

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Jan 5 16 2:31 AM

I don't want to sway the vote unfairly, but I hope people don't stay away from the chat room because they assume it will be 'erotic chat' because they've been to other rooms that are... I hope the chat room here NEVER becomes that., we just need to have ground rules .

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Jan 5 16 3:31 AM

No, the chat room is not for erotisism (unless you want to discuss the topic of crossdreamers' erotic life). The same code of conduct applies to the chat room, as to the rest of the forum.

Thanks to PipX, I have used the chat room, and I think it works well. One problem for me is the time zones. I am at Central European Time, while many of our members are in American time zones.

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Jan 5 16 1:04 PM

i have chatted here and on the old site occasionally, but io be honest i'm not a great one for sporadic light conversation while doing other things kind of chat.

i'm more into one-to-one conversations, mostly with established friends, mainly at prearranged times. is there any kind of one-to-one chat facility here?

what would be good is if we arranged particular group chat times. obviously no time would be convenient for all, but if there's a handful of people into chatting, better that they're all in the chat room at the same time, than each there alone at different times.

am i right in thinking that you know how many people are in the chat room, but not who they are until you are there yourself, by which time you're revealed your presence to them? (i could be wrong about this.) if there's just one person in the chat room, they could be someone you don't click with, a complete stranger, or someone wanting a more intense conversation than you're up for. if there's two people in it, i suspect that they're having an intimate conversation, and so i don't like to intrude. if there's five, i might think 'this looks like quite a scene, i'll check it out'.

i do think the CDL community can be much better if we do more than just post opinions on boards. private messages are good. xx 

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Jan 7 16 4:06 PM

Hi Deborah

I agree that 1-2-1 chats can be more meaningful than joining in on a 'group chat' One way of doing that is to use the Pvt mailboxes here. I'll send you a pvt mail in a moment - though you might have found it already


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Jan 8 16 9:24 AM

Could someone fax the chat? There's supposed to be sounds to notice about new messages. I kinda tired of missing people in it, while I'm browsing Youtube.

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Jan 12 16 10:25 AM

PipX wrote:
Hi Deborah

I agree that 1-2-1 chats can be more meaningful than joining in on a 'group chat' One way of doing that is to use the Pvt mailboxes here. I'll send you a pvt mail in a moment - though you might have found it already


you mean if both parties are logged in at the same time then private messaging can effectively be a 1-to-1 live chat? x

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Jan 12 16 11:08 AM

Either really...  Pvt Chatting in  the room or a quick exchange of messages, like the one you saw in your mail box.   Of course if there are only 2 people in the chatroom (which is still more than the current average!!)  then they can have a pvt chat anyway!

To be honest in the chatrooms that get lots of people I often opt for a 1-2-1 chat with someone, if there is someone who wants one I get on with....   Otherwise the chat can be a 'lowest common denominator' of people jst saying hello and goodbye to everyone or the weather!

And I repeat, people whose experience of chat rooms is 'sex chat' that depends on the policing of the room and the attitude of the peoplel who go there. I'm sure we wouldn't want our chat room like that!  SO  it won't become like that....


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Jan 17 16 11:22 AM

Well.. the results are out - and we have between 4 and 8 people who would like to come to the chat room... I guess we could try and find a time when people could make it..

Oh course I have to give voice to my paranoid side.. perhaps people aren't coming in because they don't want to talk to ME!!!! Maybe we need a time when people come here to chat, and another time when people come here but Pip agrees to stay away!

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Jan 18 16 5:24 AM

i appreciate your efforts to make the chat room really take off, Pip! that could make a very big difference to the site!

the last 2 times i tried to enter the chat room my internet went into a spin. dunno if this is Lefora's prob, or my PC or broadband's. but it's put me off somewhat, cos i hate that sort of thing.

am i right in thinking that if you see that there's 1 person in the room you won't know who that person is until you are in with them and they know that you are? if so, this means you could be stuck with someone you find awkward and that is offputting. it's a matter of 'i don't know who it might be, so i'd better not go there', rather than 'i won't go there in case i meet Pip!' xx


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Jan 18 16 6:35 AM

Ye, the person in there might be me.. I sometimes go into the room 'in the background' to make a presence, I think Lainhart does that too. Before Christmas so was Lindsay. But its actually possible the one person will be off doing something else and you will be able to pop in and come out quickly. They will be able to see someone else came in, but maybe not until later!

Or you could come in, say hello and then 'invent' a phone call that makes you leave, if the conversation isn't going so well!

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