Dec 25 15 6:31 AM

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To log in click on the Log in link in the upper right part of the Crossdream Life home page.

Some members have told me they have trouble signing in to the forum. The reason for this is normally that they are using the wrong username.

Since Crossdream Life is hosted by Lefora, all members get a longer Lefora username. If you have signed up via Crossdream Life, this username will normally be something like Nickname.crossdreamlife or Nickname.crossdreaml. Nickname is the name listed under your avatar in the forum. To sign in, however, you will have to use the whole text string: Nickname.crossdreamlife, Nickname.crossdreaml etc.

If originally registered with Lefora or another Lefora forum, the text after the dot may vary.

The good news is that you can also use your email address when signing in. Enter the email address in the username field instead of the username.

You do not have to log in to read the forum, but you need to do so to comment and post.

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