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I know that some of you find the editor/writing post space in Lefora a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of buttons. 

You can actually change it into something simpler. You can use the same interface as the one used for private messages, which also means that you get direct access to your photo albums from the editor.

Here's how you switch to the wysiwyg editor:

Click on Profile
Click on the wench symbol at the top of the page
Click on Forum
Tick off wysiwyg
Click on Save

There are other options too, but I can't see that they bring any additional benefits compared to the default setting.


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Jan 28 16 12:49 PM

The other directions for this Alt Edit Type start at step 2 --

"The Wrench"

In order to find "The Wrench" in the whatever bar at the top of the page -- FIRST, select "Profile" and "The Wrench" appears at the bar, top of page.

Forum . . .

From there, WYSIWYG option on editor.  "What You See Is What You Get"


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I know that some of you find the default Lefora editor a bit complex and confusing.

Some of you also struggle with the fact that links become clickable and may suddenly open up the linked to page in the same window, deleting everything you have written.

I have asked Lefora for advice, and they recommend that you switch to a more simple editor. They recommend the WYSIWYG editor, which is the same as the one you use when writing personal messages.

Click here for an introduction to how to switch editors.

Hopefully this will resolve the loss of copy issue with linking. Nearly impossible for me to post without a linking URL.

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