Jun 26 17 11:11 PM

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Here's the deal: The web-forum platform Lefora AKA Yuku is joining forces with the mobile-forum platform tapatalk to form a new service called tapatalk. Do not worry: Nothing will get lost. Indeed, the next version of the CDL web site will be easier to use and more stable.

But this union between Lefora and tapatalk also means that you may use the tapatalk app for following CDL on your smartphone or tablet.  

Here's what you have to keep in mind when you use the app:

1. Do NOT log in as a registered tapatalk-user. That is another ID entirely. Skip that part and search for Crossdream Life within the app.

2. Right now the app will show two results for New Crossdream Life. Ignore the one marked TEST (with a tapatalk-url). That is a beta test version of the next incarnation of Crossdream Life, and it will not save your comments in the regular forum. Choose the other one, with a lefora-url. (They wil be merged shortly).

3. Log in using your Crossdream Life user name, WITHOUT the part after the period. In other words, log in as (this is an example) mywonderfulusername, NOT mywonderfulusername.crossdreamer.

And that's it!