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You can use the chat room to communicate directly and in real time with other members of the forum.

If you are logged in to the forum you will be automatically logged in to the chat room when you click on the Chat Room link (found above the other subforums of Crossdream Life.

Use the text field at the bottom of the screen to enter messages.

If someone are already in the chat room, you can communicating with them by entering text in the text field.

To open a private channel with another member, invite that member by writing /query username in the text field. Replace "username" with the name of the one you want to chat with. Hit enter. To close a private channel, write /query username again. Alternatively: Click on their name on the right side, and you'll see the private chat option appear from the little menu that will come up.

You can also invite members to the chat room by sending them a private message.

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The chat room can be a tremendous asset to this site but it needs to be used. I know that the old site lost a lot of great members because there wasn't a good chat tool. It can be used to establish and to strengthen friendships, to quickly work out issues and disagreements (that may take days to resolve on the regular boards), and to help people to figure out who they really are. I know that chatting with like minded people helped me figure out who I was and is partially responsible for relieving my dysphoria.

And it's OK to hang back and not participate in a conversation. Sometimes it takes a while to work up the nerve to chime in! It's also OK to just hang out there and wait for someone else to show up.


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Commands you can use from the chat window:

Logout from Chat:/quit
Private message:/msg Username Text
Open a private channel:/query Username
Close a private channel:/query
Describe action:/action Text
Describe action in private message:/describe Username Text
Ignore/accept messages from user:/ignore Username
List ignored users:/ignore
Display user channel:/whereis Username
List online users:/who [Channelname]
Roll dice:/roll [number]d[sides]



"The thing is you see what you want to see and you hear what you want to hear, dig?" the Pointed Man

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