Dec 8 15 5:43 AM

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The one thing I'm struggling with on this new site is the reply buttons.  More than once I've used the Quick Reply space to reply, then hit the 'Add reply' button only for my words to disappear  -  Its the 'Quick Reply' button I should click!   This is just a feature of the software which we prob can't change and I'm sure I'll get used to it but it would help with the 'Add reply' button said something like 'Create New Reply'  or generated an 'Are you sure' message if anyhting has been typed in the quick reply box.   
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Dec 9 15 11:33 PM

I know. It is a bit annoying. I will put it on the list of suggestions for forum improvements I plan to send Lefora.

I have also noticed that if I write a text with links in it, and try to backspace over that link it might open that link. And the result is the same: The text dissapears. 

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