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May 21 17 2:04 AM

Thank you for sharing this video. I guess some would call this "fetishization of the male body". I would not. It is just another way of appreciating the beauty of human beings.

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May 26 17 3:49 AM

What I found most interesting about the video is the conversations the groups of young men and women held between themselves. For example, I had this impression that the fact alone that so much importance is placed on their physical appereance was pushing the boys in a way into a certain pattern of conversation that in the west one would only associate (but maybe, as usual, this is just a cliche) with a group of girls; not just the content, but the tone, the whole dynamics. That's my interpretation. Xora might differ :-p .

Well, a society like that is definitely going to fuck up a lot of its members; I'm sure many people there are not comfortable in the system. One shouldn't idealize it in any way. But you can still say it might contain valuable facets of the human experience, whose lack in our society has negative implications.

What is "fetishize" supposed to mean? Does it have any precise meaning or is it just the word one uses to negatively frame any cultural or emotional attachment that does not serve a clear utilitarian purpose, or soething like that?

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