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I'm in love with Adventure Time; I think it's a brilliant show (maybe even on par with Futurama). I noticed it plays with/subverts gender expectations in many occasions (putting the gender inversion episodes aside for a second). The gender of many characters is sometimes rather ambiguous (BMO, for example) with cases in which obvious clues, like the name (Jennifer, Jake Junior), contradict the explicitly stated gender and the pronoun used. I couldn't help but notice these two times in which Finn's hair seems to be associated with him falling in the female side of certain gender schema (don't know how to express this :-S  ).  The first scene is more of a joke. The second one is more subtle, but I still think there is some intentional gender fuckery going on there. It is blended in very smoothly into the story and felt quite "liberating" to me.


Have you noticed any examples of gender play in AT?
Any thoughts on the way gender and sexuality are thematized in the series in general? 
What about the gender swapping episodes?
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