May 14 17 4:47 AM

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For this forum to thrive we need new members, and to achieve that we need to make the forum known.

The Crossdream Life Magazine is one way of profiling selected entries and discussions on this forum, so that others might find them and read them and enjoy them, and even feel tempted to take part in our discussions.

Right now this is an experimental site run by me and Sally. The URL is http://crossdreamers.org .

We need your help: What have been your favorite threads since we moved over at Lefora. What threads, posts or comments do you mean we should make more visible via the magazine?
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May 14 17 9:10 AM

My favorite threads have been the ones that discuss how crossdreaming affects us personally.

For instance, Pips name thread:


Seeing how we come up with our femme names, and what they mean to us, feels like view deep into that part of our souls. Sometimes I wish we would stickie that thread.

Similarly, Another of my favorites is the thread about crosswaves:


Again, it gives insight into what we all are experiencing and feeling.

Then, of course are all the picture threads. Those are just fun :)


I also wanted to highlight one of Sandra Lopez's posts.  I found it very helpful:

Also, just to feed my own ego, I really like the response this reply of mine own got:


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May 14 17 9:26 AM

Like Lost, I am most interested in discussing and thinking about how transition would effect me - or you - 'us' in our day to day lives, were we to do it... and how that desire / fascination / curiosity brings me back to cross dreaming again and again

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May 15 17 5:25 AM

Spotlight crossdreaming and gender variance around the world and in different ages, so this phenemenon doesn't seem like a modern-day gay thing complete with musicals and sparkles!

The Japanese Third Genders

The Native American 5 Genders

Oh, and don't forget about the FTMs in history (I repeat: History!)


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