May 10 17 3:46 PM

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Times as before!                                                          Dear All

​I thought I'd make next Saturday an official Chat room event.

​We haven't  had these as regularly as I intended..  we went through a faze wen I thought the chat room was quite busy anyway, and then I had a few saturdays when I was busy or at least thought I was going to be

But next Saturday looks good so....

​I will be in Chat for at least 21:00-0:00 and maybe longer if the chat is good...

​We are now in the UK on 'BST'   which is 1 hour ahead of UTC

Using My flight watching Website for guidance  I think this means

USA West Coast - 13:00-16:00
​USA Texas   15:00-18:00
​USA  NY Time  16:00-19:00
​Norway Time 22:00-01:00
​Portugal Time   - same as UK right now
Kiev Time  23:00-02:00
​Tokyo Time (Sunday) 05:00-08:00