May 5 17 2:29 PM

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Hi all

​Our chat room events have pulled a decent crowd in..   and I'll be organising another a week on saturday - May 13th..

​  Do you think there is support to have a monthly event; maybe the 2nd saturday of every month

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May 13 17 11:43 AM

PipX wrote:
Make it when you can!


The chore that came up got delayed for a few hours so I should be able to make it now on time.  But, when it comes to my family nothing is certain Rolleyes

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May 14 17 12:34 AM

I was a bit distracted last night; I hope everyone else enjoyed the chat event

The chat room is open at all times but there isn't always someone there.. Chat event are a way of attracting a crowd.. another one organised by me in 3 or 4 weeks

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