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Mar 23 16 10:17 AM

jackmolay wrote:

Courtney Act (AKA Shane Jenek) is a Australian drag queen. What is truly fascinating about this video is the role of a drag queen in a lesbian love story.

Courtney says this about the video:

My fourth video from the Kaleidoscope EP is the title track! And i am excited that it is also the official theme song of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras 2016!

I loved coming up with the concept for this video. I wanted to tell a story about a different facet of the Kaleidoscope. I feel that gender and sexuality are fluid and so often we get stuck in the rigidity. Who knows when someone outside your usual target zone might come also and sweep you off your feet?

I read this quote from Lily Edelstein the other day it is seemed fitting "At the heart of Queer culture is revolution. The truest rebellion against a world built on categories, labels and binaries is coming from the emergence of identities that refuse to conform."

Hat tip to a friend over at the Facebook Girlfag/Guydyke forum.


I am normally not into this kind of music but this clip is a turn on!

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Mar 26 16 1:20 PM

Videos alone or something more

Is it simply just videos or more of an overwhelming desire when you see a woman that you truly identify with and say to yourself, yeah that is a slice of me!

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Jul 14 16 10:37 AM

re Bryan Ferry (April - the woman, not the month! - 3 March)

oooh! soo sexy!! 

i do feel like those ladies when i feel sexy. i find it hard to comprehend anyone wanting to be Bryan amongst them, rather than one of them themselves! xx

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Sep 1 16 12:33 AM

i want to be this sweet...

watching this gives me feellings... sweet feelings... at first glance one might think i was envious, but that's so wrong... i just want to do whatever i have to to be as cute and fun as these two... incredible talents... smoke fairies...


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Sep 1 16 3:57 AM

^i like The Smoke Fairies video very much.

what's particularly interesting is that they are not presenting themselves as sexy bombshells but as intelligent, serious young women (which of course they are). however so much of what they do in this video - the gestures, the material they play with, the way they interact - is so distinctively feminine.

i do find it hard not to feel envious. the expression that comes so naturally to them, would, i feel, have come naturally to me, but was repressed by outer masculinisation. yet i am pleased and proud to identify as being inwardly in accord with what they display. xx

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Sep 2 16 7:47 AM

yeah Deborah Kate... the way they play, they just make me sigh...

then there's this one that really blew me away.... the singer is a Brasilian star... i hope she doesn't mind my saying but i thought she was m2f and she still looks that way to me now... she's got something that just ooozes sensuality...

the song is called "Passion", it's in Portuguese... here's a google translation with fine-tuning by me after an intermediate step into español, so probably a bit off, but you get the idea...  enjoy!!!


Love your voice and your color
And your lovemaking
Rolling your eyes, and the rug
Sighing falsetto
Things I don't know how to tell
Being happy is all you want
Ah! That damn zip closure
Suddenly we tear clothes
And a very crazy fever
Makes the body shiver
After the third or fourth cup
I'm up for whatever comes
Whatever comes, comes well
When I drink I lose my mind
Don't blame me
Not for me, not for anyone

I don't wanna be in your life
As an unresolved passion
Those who're jealous
And soak up perfume
That try to kill themselves
I'll stay until the end of the day
Decorating your geography
And this adventure in the flesh
Leaves marks on the neck
Makes you levitate
I don't know, you have a paradise
And more precisely a body
The most beautiful of the mortals
You have a timeless beauty
And prettier mouth
Than I've ever touched

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Sep 2 16 11:36 AM


well, i'm crying like i always do when i am overwhelmed with joy, yearning, a sence of the presense of the divine... this is dionysian joy, this is freedom, pleasure in wonderous release expanding infinitely from the heart...


...Nietzsche claims in The Gay Science that when Socrates drinks the hemlock, he sees the hemlock as the cure for life, proclaiming that he has been sick a long time. (Section 340.) In contrast, the Dionysian existence constantly seeks to affirm life. Whether in pain or pleasure, suffering or joy, the intoxicating revelry that Dionysus has for life itself overcomes the Socratic sickness and perpetuates the growth and flourishing of visceral life force—a great Dionysian 'Yes', to a Socratic 'No'.
  -- from wikipedia

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Sep 17 16 6:04 AM

Deborah, thak yo for video of Zoe Jokes dance. Already one hour looking video like this, really awesome. I really like dance perfomance like this!

And yes, bizzar video from pioneer of surealistic films - Maya Deren (with Shocking Blue soundtrack). I have no idea why, but it make me crossdreaming in strange way:)

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Oct 2 16 11:04 PM

I first saw this when I was in college and didn't realize that I was transgender. I think this was the first time that I consciously acknoweldged that I was attracted to gender fluiditiy. 
Back then I fantasized that the supermodels were transgender women. Now I fantasize that I'm the supermodels.

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Oct 4 16 11:57 AM

JustEva wrote:
Deborah, thak yo for video of Zoe Jokes dance. Already one hour looking video like this, really awesome. I really like dance perfomance like this!


glad u liked it, honey! xx

Deborah Rubin is my very favorite bellydancing heroine, partly because she has the same name as me! here she is with Devi Mamak


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