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Jan 30 16 11:43 PM

The Ting Tings - Wrong Club

I used to be in the "wrong" club. Not anymore. Also, if I let my hair GROW. Yeah. I can so do that "mane" look. Thinking of going blond anyway!



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Feb 2 16 2:52 PM

If we are swapping Jessie J videos.. I confess my chart music knowledge tends to stop not long after 2000 - but This song from a few years ago I think is just great... Is a crossdreaming video? Well, any talented woman just doing ssomething great can set me off...

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Feb 3 16 11:24 AM

This video doesn't doesn't exactly make me crossdream now, but it's from a movie that did at one point. The movie was "Almost Famous". In addition to making me crossdream, the movie also had a profound influence on me. This video takes scenes from that movie and applies them to Elton John's "Mona Lisas and Madhatters", which is in the movie's sound track. Amply shown in this video is the character, "Penny Lane" who was played by a young Kate Hudson at the time. Penny Lane was an absolutely free spirited rock groupie who wore all her emotions on her sleeve. She was strong, street wise, and highly vulnerable all at the same time. When I watched that movie, I came to the realization that Penny Lane was exactly the kind of girl I would have been, if I had been a girl when I was young. I thought about what Penny Lane might be like well into middle age. That has sort of become the model of my journey.



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Feb 4 16 1:15 PM

I find it interesting that if you look at almost any video, from a heavy metal band, from roughly 1980 to 1995, you will see beautiful scantily clad women in suggestive poses. But somewhere in the mid 90s that sort of thing just stopped. Of course, sex is still in those later videos, but it is more situational, than women just purely as objects of gratification. Something has clearly shifted in our culture over the last 40 years.

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Feb 11 16 1:01 AM

Well, I wanted to know, how Alias felt, when Lefora ate her/his posts.

Shitty. It is. 

Enlightenment isn't always a pleasant experience, as it seems.

Interesting, how it takes so much time to find some three minute video to create so much positive feelings to write a series of posts about that feelings and only one accident to drown all that in anger and grief. I see, how my my temper worsened recent years. I don't need to growl and smash my fingers into table... but it was easy. Sorry, that I'm talking about that, but I recently learned about a thing called "intellecualization" and I feel, that rational thinking over this is what I need now.

Anyway... what I wanted to tell, which now feels diminished... but, wait you know what, no, I don't have to write, what I don't believe in anymore, or at least don't feel... yet. I experience too few emotions to write about them stressed in a cold way. I'll turn some music, drink some tea, watch a video I wanted to tell you about one more. And then will start again. 

“Trying and getting hurt can't possibly be worse for you than being... stuck.” 
Eliezer Yudkowsky, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

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Feb 11 16 3:17 AM

I definitely feel better now.

So, this was the video. Basically, when I look at girls, photos and pictures, for the most part I just appreciate aethetics. There are unique cases, but more importantly, there are no video above, that make me think of crossdreaming. I can be hooked by narrative, by a story, by first person transformation and immersion into being girl. But watching just tweaks other things.

But this video. Maybe someone on this forum linked and I opened it once or it's just result of me watching some trans videos, an hour ago or something it just popped out on my youtube and I was, like: Ok, why not.

This video makes me, but not just thinking. I told you I'm aroused by crossdreaming, and crossdreaming is big part of my sexual preference, but once in a while... a story or something, like that emerges, which makes me mentally euphoric. I don't much experience body dysphoria in my everyday life, but I may say, that I don't become sexually motivated by my body image. I can appreciate aesthetic or hate lack of it. (I am lazy and eat too much, it isn't horrible yet, but it is a problem), but there is no 'Oh, if I'd look stronger, I'd felt so much better talking to that girl, or could've seduce everyone' etc. Nothing like that. It's just is. My body. I could've look, like gray genderless robot casing and it wouldn't bother me at all (I think). 

What I feel, like watching this video is a lot like warmth, spreading through my chest. It is pleasant feeling, very different from my tiny sting of discontent, which I felt during crossdream induced masturbation, trying to find body parts, which I don't have.

What this pleasant feeling means? What's its name? Hope? Happiness? Euphoria?... It makes me think about, what I would've been content with. What would've make me a happier person. 

I'm glad for that person, yes, but more importantly.. this feels like anchor. Something to divide myself from my utterly unrealistic dreams. It's also in a way, a show of best case scenario. Without all the bad things, all the sacrifices and struggles. But it is also monument, made by someone who did went all the way and still is happy. Maybe, it's not my anchor. Not my reality, not my future, not my dream.

But, if I will decide to stay as het-male crossdreamer, I want it to be informed, solid decision. I want to be happy either way. Not spend my days sorrow in among a graveyard of shattered dreams. I want to be sure, about what I want for me. I decided, that I want to make my career something I really like doing early on. I still working on that part, but now I want to be sure, that I will be happy... 

Does this video make me think of crossdreaming? Yeah. A lot.

Your mind is software. Program it.

Your body is a shell. Change it.
Death is a disease. Cure it.
Extinction is approaching. Fight it!

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Feb 27 16 8:20 PM

According to Deborah video. Nice and usefool advices:)))
But i think not only my problem - is size...diffiuclt to find so large size and it must be look fine

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Mar 2 16 1:07 AM

Courtney Act (AKA Shane Jenek) is a Australian drag queen. What is truly fascinating about this video is the role of a drag queen in a lesbian love story.

Courtney says this about the video:

My fourth video from the Kaleidoscope EP is the title track! And i am excited that it is also the official theme song of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras 2016!

I loved coming up with the concept for this video. I wanted to tell a story about a different facet of the Kaleidoscope. I feel that gender and sexuality are fluid and so often we get stuck in the rigidity. Who knows when someone outside your usual target zone might come also and sweep you off your feet?

I read this quote from Lily Edelstein the other day it is seemed fitting "At the heart of Queer culture is revolution. The truest rebellion against a world built on categories, labels and binaries is coming from the emergence of identities that refuse to conform."

Hat tip to a friend over at the Facebook Girlfag/Guydyke forum.


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Mar 3 16 2:46 PM

Well this video is doing it to me today. I was watching these girls and trying to figure out how to incorporate some of their moves into my own, so sexy! Bryan Ferry isn't all that bad either. Bryan is definitely the kind of man I would go to bed with.
Bryan Ferry - You Can Dance [url]

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Mar 21 16 9:33 AM

Celebrating all the female to male crossdreamers out there:

Ryan Cassata is a trans man who has decided not to take hormones, leaving him with his characteristic voice.

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