Apr 29 17 5:46 AM

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I am a San Francisco bay area resident looking for friendship with other crossdreamers.  I identify as femme, gay amab (assigned male at birth).

Would you like to get together for dinner and movie?
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Apr 29 17 8:01 AM

You just missed me! I was born/raised/lived in the SF Bay Area my whole life (60+ years) and, two weeks ago, drove away, heading north through Oregon, Washington, and elsewhere to see what's out there and what feels better.

Take care,


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Apr 29 17 7:31 PM

I may come back for a visit but for now, yeah, I have no intentions of living there again. I was lucky on the housing side in that I was able to buy a house in 1999 for what seemed so exorbitant, and then Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and the rest have helped triple the value of the house. There are some pundits who claim that the housing prices there have plateaued but hey, they've been saying that as long as I can remember, even in the 60s.

You might want to check out Carla's (carlas.com) which is in a new address in San Jose, near First Street and 101. They have social events that you might like. I like the owner Aejeia fine; she's involved a lot, and you might make friends there. Good luck!

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May 1 17 7:11 AM

Thanks for your reply. I know about Carla's. I have not been because I do not present as a girl. I feel most authentic when I present as a very effeminate male.

What was your favorite coffee shop or other meeting place where gender non-conforming people gather?

I did you go to TGSF meetings?

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May 1 17 2:35 PM

You certainly do not need to present as female either at Carla's shop or her social gatherings. I never did. Most do, but I recall on at least one occasion at a pot luck dinner at her shop another attendee didn't dress for it.

I never heard of or found a coffee shop or other (except for Carla's) for transgender people in the Bay Area. But Aejeia (owner of Carla's after Carla retired) tries to host at least 1-2 social events per week. (Pronouncing Aejeia's name is hard to determine phonetically. Thinking of saying "Asia" but with a short (i.e., not long vowel) first 'a'. As in: ah-sia.) She's very nice and helpful; you could say to her for me!

I didn't attend any TGSF meetings but did attend the TDoR and TDoV celebrations in San Francisco. Maybe I was too uptight (or old!). I had an okay time but these meetings didn't do much for me.

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May 25 17 7:11 PM

I have had a locker at Carla's (aka Sweet Forbidden) off and on.  This place has been a lifeline for me. I highly recommend the activities as a way to meet people. 

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