Apr 21 17 4:41 AM

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Hello dear gender variant pals

I'm aware it's rude to just rant out here when
I've been totaly absent for whole months
So it's really rude to just share out my pain when I did not care to listen to yours
But I know you know where I'm comin' from

I'm so frockin' mad image

You know I've been told that
While tomboys and genva girls get tolerated for whom they are
Genva boys get brutally ridiculed even when their transgressions are just made out of lipstick and nail polish
You were so rigth! But cuz' my empathy is flocked up beyond belief I thought otherwise
I was like how in the name of frock can that be?
We all live between Venus and Mars so how can they go wrong with me expressin' my fem side with cosmetics? that looks pretty cool to me

But the stupidest part is the fact that my gender variance was seen as some expression of homo or bisexuality
To be really honest I'm startin to hate the letter G and the letter B
Even though the only thing I have against them is the shitty I'm goin' trough
No matter how much my brain seems to tell me this is sick and to focus on the one and only real enemy here
I have hatred

And wowsers I was so unwise to come out as a genva boy!
You were so rigth
The shitiest part of it is that is that I'm feelin like
You can't just counter verbal and abuse other half tolerable aggressions with chair shots to the cranium
The pro wrasslers don't even do that anymore cause even in that crappy theater it's so brutal it kills
You gotta conceal it cuz' otherwise ur a monster
Even though it was unwise to do it I’m not givin’ up on expressing the one and only me
That would be 
like killin’ myself

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Apr 21 17 9:20 AM


CDL is a good place to share your pain ( as well as joy ), where else you can share how you feel?

It's amazing, how many people do think about all gender variance and all sexualities, which are not strictly hetero, as some shade of gay. Facebook's gender options are seen as "58 types of gay" by such people. It goes against logic, it's stupid, and the only reason behind it is that word "gay" used as insult. As if man who loves men is worse that man who hates (gender variant and gay) men!

There is always a good side even when things are not good. Coming out was unwise, but brave. You can see now, who is your friend and who is just a bigot. Not expressing yourself will be really unwise, when it matters so much to you. I'm not very oriented on expression, but I know how it feels. For me it's like creeping emptiness inside.

You are not alone! * Hugs *

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Apr 21 17 7:47 PM


I feel you. It's never nice on receiving side of the abuse and bigotry and...

Fuck it! Fuck. It. All. 

You said that it's not going to stop you from expressing yourself? Then do just that.

Be yourself. Become who or what you want. Blossom! Bloom!

However far or fleeting, we're here for you and we will support you.


“There is no justice in the laws of nature, no term for fairness in the equations of motion. The Universe is neither evil, nor good, it simply does not care. The stars don't care, or the Sun, or the sky. 

But they don't have to! WE care! There IS light in the world, and it is US!” 

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Apr 22 17 10:21 AM

Here is another virtual hug for you!!!


And yeah, it is not right nor fair that being a gender variant boy is not accepted.  

I believe part of the reason for this is that while society increasingly believes that men and women should be equal before the law, it still views feminity as inferior to masculinity.  A Gender variant girl is trying to raise their social position and indirectly the prestige of their gender as well.  

Conversely, a gender variant boy is moving down the social ladder and seen as taking all men down with them.  The GV girl reinforces the norm of masculinity over femininity; but the GV boy is tearing down conventions and, to paraphrase a Japanese proverb, the nail that sticks out is the one that gets hammered down.

It sucks and is unfair, but hopefully things are changing.  Slowly, but still moving forward.

Regardless, don't let the haters get you down and know that there are those of us on this site who support you!

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Apr 22 17 10:44 AM

Reading the teas lives of what is going on in the social media. I can see a potential better world coming for those who are gender variant but not trans. All the PR given to trans people in the last couple of years has created a push back and a near moral panic. Parents are really worried that their slightly feminine sons are going to end up with boob jobs. One way to squash this is to get their sons to man up, but many understand that actually doesn't work very well for most kids. So the new enlightened position is to embrace gender variance while denying or repressing the idea that the child might trans. It's ok for your child to be gay. It's even ok for him to dress like Boy George. All those things might be just a stage that he will eventually outgrow. It's way better than letting him get a "fake" vagina.Those greedy doctors will push him towards that if given a chance.

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Apr 23 17 8:06 AM

Don't people see how much gender non-conformity exists in cis life? I mean, if you take away the political and social trendiness of that dis-unified rainbow community, a lot of gay-ish and tran-sy traits are exhibited by people of all different ages and backgrounds.  The dis-unified rainbow community is only putting a label on traits that have exited since the origin of human beings.  The more I look into gender variations, the more I am "leaving the forest" (because I have explored enough to see that there is nothing out of the ordinary.)  

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Apr 24 17 7:53 AM

Thanks a lot for your support, I'm feelin' better thanks to your kindness
And, I'm sorry for being absent from your problems and asking for your help out of nowhere
I swear that is gonna change
tbh,my fav comments were Barbara's and Vaydra's
But, once again thank you all for that kindness 

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