Mar 19 17 3:28 AM

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The Crossdreamer Facebook page presents crossdreamer and transgender news and keeps its followers in touch with crossdreamer sites and forums.

Today the page broke through the 4000 likes ceiling! Yaaaay!

(Seriously though, I am glad to see that so many are willing to follow a page like this one even if most of them are using their real names.)

You can follow the crossdreamer community on facebook here!
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Apr 20 17 3:46 AM

The tumblr crossdreamer blog has more than 8000 followers

Another milestone: The Crossdreamer blog over at tumblr, Trans Express, has now more than 8000 followers. 

That blog takes, admittedly, a broader transgender approach, but I still believe the support reflects a positive development.

Anyway: I will look into new ways of using that blog to bring new members to CDL.

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Apr 21 17 12:29 AM

I must admit I keep my FB Id for things I'm completely open about - like all my RL friendships, my politics and my writing... So I'm not in this 4000

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