Apr 7 17 6:28 AM

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I went to a queer and trans play party, and I loved it.  About dozen gender adventurous people came to the party.

The event began with introductions.  Some of the attendees were in the process of transition. Others were like me: males who wanted to express their femininity in a safe place.  Many were spouses and support persons.

We danced and cuddled and told stories about ourselves.  

I wore my tightest jeans, a silky frilly top, and super cute shoes.

I did not want the night to end!  

 I think that this night was special to be because I could experience my true self in a nonsexual way.  I did not present myself as the girl next door, but I do not think that I presented myself as a wild, sexually wanton woman.

I so want to find a place in my area that celebrates and caters to gender variant people. 

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Apr 8 17 3:00 AM

That is amazing! I am so glad for you. It must feel so good to be able to share yourself and express that other side of you with friends like that.

I may have missed something, but this a group of people you meet regularly? Did you find them through your local LGBT community? I am asking ,because there may be other members of this community who could copy this model elsewhere.

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Apr 8 17 9:45 AM

I would like to copy this model. I would love to attend more of these events!

It was an event put on by Alex Sebastian Morgan: http://www.alexsmorgan.com/

Alex puts on for profit events. I paid $25 to attend the event.

I have not gone other events because I am OLD (56 years old), and Alex's other events seem to be for a younger crowd. It felt creepy for me to go to events oriented for younger people.

I am sure that Alex (who is genderfluid), would be happy to stage events for older crossdreamers. He is based in Emeryville, CA (the San Francisco Bay Area), but I think he has staged events in other places.  And, I would imagine he would be willing to do for profit consulthing.

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Apr 8 17 11:54 AM

Thanks Harri! I noticed that Alex has an event in Vancouver as well - I still have friends out there and occasionally visit the west coast.

Jack - Around the Toronto area is really an embarrassment of riches for LGBTQQI - lots to do.


and for older T-girls - like me :)

I really need to make friends in the local community - and hey the weather is getting warmer!

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