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Hello I am an experimental filmmaker/photographer based in the UK. My latest project is an experimental documentary about autogynephilia. There seems to be the belief that FTM do not experience the opposite of autogynephilia ( autoandrophilia ) I wondered if anybody here who would like to share their thoughts or experiences on this for my film, a written piece or perhaps audio, if you happen to be in the UK maybe a piece to camera is a possibility. I have only one female that has spoken about similar desires to autogynephilia. Thanks for reading ☺ Jase
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Apr 11 17 11:04 AM

I'm still looking for any FtM cross dreamers here in the UK who might be willing to do a piece to camera about any of their erotic experiences for my film Obscure Tunings of Ophelia.

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Jun 9 17 10:53 AM

Anti Autogynephilia

Briefly, we mostly feel that Blanchard is a mis-guided, hetero-fascist gorgon. Gorgon with an unsupportable agenda.

There is a great deal of discussion/speculation regarding Blanchard in this forum, Somehow her mis-informed views worked their way into revisions for the DSM 5. Some cross-dress for erotic pleasure. That's fetish; it's not a gender identity.

Current trends in the field (gender) propose "queering the binaries" -- We set ourselves apart from the "hetero-normative dyad" and decline to ID with either "male" or "female" as these two options do not address how we feel about our gender, our sexuality.

You're seeking cis-F who present as male, masculine. Allison Wunderland here is cis-M, presenting as "non-binary" and wonders why one might bother to distinguish gender based upon genitals, chromosomes, or what we wear in public. But then I am a post-modern post-structuralist critical gender theorist. It's my aim to "queer the binaries."

Lots of heavy wading on my  blog -- Someone needs to reply to your thread here. I'll start, and let's see where it leads.

Allison Wunderland's Transcend Dance

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Jun 12 17 11:31 AM

Bobbi Dare wrote:
Hi Allison,
rubbercripple was booted from this forum last week - Jack finally had enough.

I failed to get the memo -- LMAO

We're starting to question the historical dyad of M and F -- realizing that gender transcends (pun intended) M and F. Consequently we're engaged in a sort of disengagement from the dyad of masculine and feminine. Our ontological identity encompasses both. My sister's ID encompasses both -- and she makes no claim whatever to being trans, queer, or anything else other than hetero-normative -- a cis-F who drives long-haul trucks, rides motorcycles, and likes syrupy saccharine clothing styles.


Allison Wunderland's Transcend Dance

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Jun 12 17 11:40 AM

Sure - but she has no desire to change her body at all to match an inner feeling that she was born in the wrong body. I am glad that young people are accepting of different forms of gender expression. It shows we are going in the right direction as a society. I look forward to the day when a gender confirming surgery/ treatment can be performed on a patient and the end result is a fully functional and indistingushable member of their target gender. It's a ways away I know - but a girl can dream right?

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