Feb 20 17 3:51 PM

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Hello I am an experimental filmmaker/photographer based in the UK. My latest project is an experimental documentary about autogynephilia. There seems to be the belief that FTM do not experience the opposite of autogynephilia ( autoandrophilia ) I wondered if anybody here who would like to share their thoughts or experiences on this for my film, a written piece or perhaps audio, if you happen to be in the UK maybe a piece to camera is a possibility. I have only one female that has spoken about similar desires to autogynephilia. Thanks for reading ☺ Jase
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Apr 11 17 11:04 AM

I'm still looking for any FtM cross dreamers here in the UK who might be willing to do a piece to camera about any of their erotic experiences for my film Obscure Tunings of Ophelia.

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