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Apr 10 17 12:10 PM

Rubbercripple, Yes, most B movies are exploiting something, often sex, and sometimes violence, or some other base element of human nature. I don't watch any of that stuff; never have. It's just not my thing. But in this particular case, I would suspect they were trying to exploit the recent media interest in the trans world, and in particular of the transphobic push back that has resulted in much of society, without really making a trans movie. The beliefs of transphobic rednecks are not about real facts, but rather general impressions - often fed from popular media - that get converted into pseudo ideas. A lot of ttransphobic males are convinced all MtFs are absolutely insane because they can't imagine themselves doing what people like me have done to our body's. They have an intense gut physical and emotional reaction to all that which they project onto the trans community. If we are not feeling what they are feeling, there has to be something seriously wrong with us. That gut horror is what is getting exploited here.

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Apr 10 17 1:40 PM

April: while I agree with you on the subjects that B movies often use I'm afraid I can't agree with you on the film or it's makers being transphobic. It is essentially a revenge/crime/thriller....a pretty outlandish and ridiculous one at that. Of course, I do agree that there are transphobic people all over the place but not in this film.

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Apr 11 17 1:01 AM

"Check what I posted Pipx"... was a suggestion I hadn't already read it thoroughly, That's where you were suggesting I can't read...
You didn't mention racism; But you said or suggested that films could say what they like, it doesn't matter, its only a film. I was illustrating how that can't be by giving another example to make what I was saying clearer

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Apr 11 17 10:29 AM

Well being a cross-dreamer I am usually up for anything involving a gender change; however, the trailer for this movie looks BAD.  I probably will break down and watch this at some point, but it probably will be when I am bored and alone and its on HBO or something.

That said, I can still find it in me to dislike a movie even if it has a focus on gender change.  I mean I really really disliked SWITCH despite it being one of only a handful of TG movies I found as an adolescent.  The Assignment looks like it is going to have the same fatal flaws as Switch had: Unlikeable characters and no having fun with the Trope.

Of course, as much as I hate to say it, I am probably too quick to judge a movie based on a good or bad trailer.  I was nearly obsessed the moment Jack gave out the Trailer for SAM, but in that case I really liked that movie too!  That in spite of it being more than a bit on the cliche style.

Ehh, I think I will shut up now :P

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