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My favorite femme gender stories always involve a boy who knows that he is different and accepts that fact.  He is scared.  He knows that society expects him to become a man.

He knows that he does not want to become a man.

The story follows the boy as he comes out to himself and then to others.  He has his first sexual experiences and discovers his sexuality.  His experiences with men are very tough and not enjoyable.  But, he is drawn to men.  His experiences with women are gentle, and he learns that he loves to cuddle with his girlfriends, but he does not want to have sex with them.  (He learns that he likes to give them pleasure.)

He experiences with gender expression, and finds a gender expression that works for him.  At first, he learns about clothing and hair and make-up from his mother and then girlfriends.

He is very overt femme in high school (short shorts, tight jeans, camisole tops), but his style becomes more measured in college.

He struggles with puberty.  He doesn't want to go through male puberty, but he knows that his body and his mind need to mature.

He decides to take testosterone blockers and light dose of estrogen. He wants to live on the female end of the gender spectrum.

He knows that this will limit is ability to function in the testosterone driven gay male community, but it makes it easier for him to live his daily life.  He feels more comfortable with women anyway.

He goes to college and gets a job as a wall street assistant.  He meets an older bisexual man.  They are drawn to each other from the first night.  It is a true love affair.   They are married on the beach in the Hamptons.  

It is a beautifuy ceremony.  He is walked down the aisle by his mother.  He wears woman's tailored white pants suit with short pants.  He throws in bouquet to a group of girls and femme boys.  

They honeymoon at his husband's Hamptons estate.  After the marriage, he stops working and gets involved in protects that advances the rights the LGBTQ+ community with particular emphasis on gender nonconforming youth.

They will live a long and happy life together.  They sex life never get old.

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Fictionmania, Literotica, and Nifty, mostly.

I loved stories about femme boys who are encouraged and cherished. OMG!  I love stories about mothers who encourage their femme sons to express their femininity in school.  These mothers fight for their son's right to live outside the male and female gender boxes.  (I love Crossdreamlife because my femme self is loved and cherished here!)

In my youth, I wrote stories.  I am writing them again, lately.

It feels like a way to be completely immersed in the world I want to live in.  In my stories, I can be a femme person and be loved and desired.

Lately, I have been writing stories about boys who draw "straight" boys out of their closets.  This is usually humiliating the a straight acting boy because he knows that he is gay and feminine but is pretending to be masculine.  

In my stories, boys fear femininity and being femme.  But, boys are always forced our of their closets and have to deal with being femme.  I recently wrote a story where a closeted gay boy goes to the beach with his girlfriends.  He is wearing a bikini style swimsuit.  He starts talking to a man who turns out to be gay.  The gay man touches him and kisses him, and boy cannot control his body's reaction.  He is forced of his closet.  He is tearful and overwhelmed but also relieved that he can stop hiding.

In my early stories, I wrote about femme boys in a fantasy world that encouraged and loved femininity in boys.  All of the women were butch, and all of the boys were femme.

My stories usually involve sex because boys cannot control their sexual attractions and reactions.  They cannot hide the reactions of their bodies.  Boys in tight clothing are especially vulnerable!  

I had an experience with this when I was younger.  A gay man touched me and rubbed against me.  My body did not react because I was very frightened, and we were in a public place.  I was terrified because I knew that I was femme, but I was pretending to be masculine.  Was my fascade transparent?

I think that if I had be touched by a gay boy in a private place, I would have started crying.  I would have been so afraid and overwhelmed.

Now, when I write about a gay man touching a closeted femme gay man, the closeted man is dressed in skin tight pants or a bikini swimsuit and cannot control his overwelming sexual reaction.  Everyone is aware of his desire.  He wants the out gay man to kiss and touch and hold him.  He lets htis body react to his attractions.  And, he is FREE.


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