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I have finally seen the hugely controversial movie TomBoy aka Re Assignment. The film which has caused trans activists to gather in crowds and lobby. The film which has caused the politically correct to file negative reviews against this film. Due to all of the controversy I guess this is why the film went straight to home release in the UK, with a minimum of publicity to 'avoid offence'.

So when I watched this film I was expecting the worst. To my surprise what has been created is a future cult movie which I suspect will have many fans for years to come. The rough and ready grindhouse 1980s style works very well, and the replication of its comic book origins works well too. There are faults but this is a comic book story brought to life, fast moving there is never a dull moment. Everything worked for me.

Does it press buttons for crossdreamers? Well yes it did, although some elements could have been expanded upon.

The film is in no way offensive to the trans community. There is even reinforcement in the script of how good and necessary SRS can and is.

This film is Fictionmania on acid, its all the gangster mob stories from there where the character is forced into a sexchange.

One to watch. I am sure you will find it great fun as I did.
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Apr 10 17 2:49 AM

Some people just seem to be quick to be offended about everything, can't dramas just be dramas, without people worrying about 'accurate representation'?

I mean one of the things that gave me a bit more confidence was watching Alexis Meade in Ugly Betty, which is really another hyped-up Fictionmania-esque scenario, rich son, supposedly favoured brother, fakes his own death and disappears for years, then later reappears as a transwoman with supermodel looks and so even his own parents and brother don't recognise him. That's not exactly real life, but compared to how people were usually seen and treated on the likes of Jerry Springer, well it's a big step up, that eventually the family did accept her as a daughter and so forth, and apart from her being rather tall for a woman, she didn't really stick out like a sore thumb.

So for one of the actresses I'd once collected pictures of as a teenager
to show up as someone like me, or at least who I wanted to be
made it just seem slightly less impossible, though still very difficult. But as a show, well it was just quite fun.

I mean, I guess they sometimes put these things into fantasy dramas like that for the shock value, but you know, the way the handled the Justin storyline of him gradually realising just how gay he was and talking to Mark for solace, well you know, maybe it isn't that bad after all.

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