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Mar 4 17 9:30 AM

Sure --

I compose online, with a Samsung tablet (Android) -- link photos from FaceBite. Then when I post the post gets whacked -- I end up with a blank slate, like the page one gets to post a reply.

I concede that I have carpal tunnel, arthritis in both hands, all the dexterity of a cub bear with boxing gloves. We are additionally on a squat heap of meds -- which seem to make the floor uneven. I concede to having a difficult time finding my own butt with both hands.

The post I lost was sorta extended --


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Mar 9 17 10:53 AM

JustEva wrote:
My 5 cent for this topic. 
Initially it was one of the most disphoric point for me, my male hairstyle. but during the life, i growh up it fo make my hair more feminine, and surprisingly find, that it is my most favorite part of the my body. It really helps me, to increase sef-perception of my pass.
 it is looks some-thing like this

I like this....beautiful

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Mar 9 17 11:20 AM

I have actually considered going with blond hair streaked with purple. I have a hairdresser friend who says that no woman over 40 should have dark hair, because it adds years to you. The edict that women over 40 should have shorter hair is a complete myth, but many women seem to really believe it, and cut their hair in middle age. I believe it has more to do with the shape one's face. My face is unusually long, which is a look that seems to work much better with longer hair.

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Apr 4 17 2:37 AM

I'm really intrested in the patterns developing here  ..  there arequite a few
1 Glamorous 1940s styles
​2. Big Hair 1980s styles
​3. Wood nymphs (but then I guess my ico in in this styles)

I like the idea of a practical girl about town or out on run...  pony tail!


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Apr 26 17 1:07 AM

If I were a woman, I would apparently be Katy Perry. We share a style taste in general, hairstyle included.

My absolute favorite hairstyle of all time is the blunt bob:


But I also have a bias for bangs in general. I would have them with long naturally wavy hair.


But also with color.


My one exception is the high ponytail.


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