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Dec 3 16 1:09 PM

What would I look like as a nineteenth century woman? Going back to the girl in my avatar, Rachael Leigh Cook, her look here in one of her movie roles I think looks like what I would look like. She looks like a lovely Southern American girl.



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Dec 3 16 2:14 PM

I have long had this notion that I have been reincarnated. In previous lives I have been both males and females. One of the females was a New England witch who lived deep in the woods and was eventually burned at the stake. In another, I was a Southern Belle in New Orleans during the civil war. But these were never the basis of played out crossdreams. Rather they were just notions about how I have come to the place where I find myself now, and they seem to make perfect sense given how I react emotionally to certain historical images. I believe these previous lives are the basis of several themes and styles that now mix with my current life. The pictures above are indeed pretty and I absolutely love the clothing, but these girls have far better makeup than how women looked in those days, I have lloked at many pictures of my extended ancestry from that era, and women invariably have bad skin because of the multitude diseases that have long since eliminated. Also, we have learned a thing or two about preserving beauty in the last 150 years. At my age now, I would have been a pretty old looking female in the 19th century,

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Dec 4 16 11:11 AM

Dreaming about wearing Victorian era gowns was pretty much my on-ramp into crossdreaming. I have plenty of favorites, though Brett from North and South, and Pauline from Champagne Charlie are up there.



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Dec 5 16 6:12 AM

oh there's something sooh lovely about these beautiful old clothes. all elegant, delicate, refined. there was something great about that era (of course i am aware of the real hardships and oppressions), at least as it's presented in films and novels xx

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Dec 5 16 6:41 AM

if 19th century Josie is gonna be playee by Rachael Leigh Cook (oh, such eyes!) then 19th century Deborah Kate is gonna be played by my heroine Kate Beckinsale, in yet another mirror pic! xx


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Mar 15 17 7:44 AM

I took this photo (of a framed photo) in a Shanghai restaurant's private dining room a few years back. There was something about her that just got to me!


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Mar 15 17 11:33 PM

When I look at the code the image URL does not link to your photo folder, but to something called "webkit-fake-url"

My guess: You have just pasted the image into the text field without uploading it first. Maybe you have pasted a screenshot directly into the post. Some browsers allow for this (Safari!), but since the link goes to a file on your own computer, it does not show online.

See http://crossdreamlife.lefora.com/topic/34/On-how-to-add-pictures-and-video#.WMo_kBIrJE4

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