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Jan 19 17 3:05 AM


I'm afraid that the only fame I've ever achieved was on the island of Santorinin where locals all over the island recognised me and nicknamed me 'polybiras' which means....yes...


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Jan 19 17 3:07 AM


Sorry Orlanda...it's only in word format and he has no plans to create the ebook in French. anyway, without wanting to blow my own trumpet...I think i massively improved it upon translation. Whooops...i guess that was blowing my own trumpetimage

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Jan 19 17 3:16 AM


Yes, I think it was a great contrast to draw. I totally get the other side of the argument and totally sympathise with someone who decides to be the best transwoman they can be.

I have to say, though, in my case...I increasingly question if I really do want to be female..and that's proibably why I take the decision I take and Monica hers. It feels like heresy to say it because I'm so enamored with women and so militatnt in my support of them...but I think I might just be happier being a weird, gender variant guy. 

I don't know! It's so bloody hard to know what you really think...or what you'll think next week. Wow..seems like I'm back to the quantum idea again.

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Jan 19 17 4:27 AM

(I think you meant 'Dabrela' there, not 'Deborah'.) 

I feel rather the same. After going all round the houses for several years and even thinking hard about transition, I seem to back at my starting-point: a guy who likes to wear 'female' clothes and dream that he's the person inside the clothes. Only it's not the same point, when I get back to the start. As a result of my tour d'horizon, the familiar landscape now looks different. Perhaps, armed with new self-knowledge, my goal now is to be the best gender-variant guy I can be.  

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Jan 22 17 10:10 PM

Hi Felix,
I can understand all of the factors you listed in your equation/decision for not transitioning; the fact that my body would not look exactly like a cis-woman was something that concerned me a lot. I personally know 9 friends who went through transition and everyone of them worried about this. One of my friends was over 6.5 feet tall! She spent so much on her transition and subsequent procedures that she could have bought a Tesla with the money! I told her she was beautiful. :) Another of my friends, who was more realistic in her expectations, spent much less. I know there were certain things about her appearance that bothered her, but I used to tell her that worrying about her appearance was a hazard of being female. Another of my friends owns a media company and her business is shooting video for production companies. Image is important in that industry and she had a big worry about the possible impact that her transition would have on her business. Fortunately, it did not have the negative impact she feared.
Each of my friends (with one exception) completed their transitions regardless and even though they were not happy with their appearance that detail ended up being far less important to them than living life as they wanted.
Felix - If the result of your journey takes yo to a place where you can express the real you then I would say that is the goal - whether you choose transition or not.

*hugs* Bobbi

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Feb 3 17 10:15 AM

Quick update - this article made me think of my old friends and I realized I had lost touch with many of them over the years - so I reached out to my friend the videographer. It turns out that she moved to SF, got married and is living the life... with her career still in tact (although she did close her original business). I have invited her to come here so maybe she will share her story with us one day.

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Mar 8 17 7:06 AM

Nice to see you here and I just want to say

Without your books I would not have gotten through my transgender awakening and I would probably be sliding down that slippery slope to the bottom while waiting for my GD diagnoses. Your recommendations have made me change my wardrobe to look at clothes in a different way to get the woman side of me to dress the man in me :-). To understand my options and at the same time have a bloody good laugh at your writings

Thanks you life saver

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May 13 17 5:29 AM

Hi Felix.

Thanks to you and your work I eventually found my path to self-acceptance and happiness in my life when all I had previously was a nightmare of guilt, shame and confusion that I somehow muddled through in a phantom existence without self-esteem and feelings. I will always be grateful to you for opening my mind so I could discover the real me. The process is ongoing but now I am receptive to new ideas and possiblities and you have inspired me to write about my own thoughts and ask myself hard questions which I had previously been very afraid to confront. I also found this forum thanks to the one of your books. :)

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May 23 17 1:27 AM

Sorry K, I didn't see that message (I'm a terrible forum member and friend). So glad I could help you, though I worry that some of my books contradict eachother. However, I think this refelcts the reality that we all seem to hold various opinions at the same time. Or...I might just be schizophrenic.


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Jun 5 17 10:05 AM


I'm so glad you're here in these forums. Like some of the posters above me, your books have really impacted the way I view my life and my relationship to myself. I especially appreciate your writings on sexuality. These are some of the thorniest things I struggle with, and it takes intellectual courage and bravery to tackle these topics. Your writings were instrumental to helping me structure and organize the many ideas I had about myself. Thank you so much! 


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