Mar 7 17 12:54 AM

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There is hope for the future, after all:Here's to the brave boys who decided to wear a dress to school for World Book Day
Up and down the UK yesterday (3 March), brave boys went to school wearing a dress for World Book Day.Students across the globe chose their favorite literary characters for the fun and educational day celebrating reading.While most boys may have popped for Harry Potter or Captain America, a few kids decided to give a well earned kick to gender norms and go as The Boy In The Dress.The story, written by comedian David Walliams, is a beloved children’s tale about a young guy that loves cross-dressing and football and is not afraid to be himself.

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Mar 8 17 5:50 AM

Sadly I didn't see any at my kids school dropping them off or picking them up, mainly the boy's where all in football kits.

But what I did see at our local shop was a boy wearing some nice girly earings yesterday, they where better than mine:-)

But it's nice picture and to see things are changing slowly from my upbring

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Mar 9 17 2:38 AM

But it's nice picture and to see things are changing slowly from my upbring

That's what I thought, as well. This would have been completely impossible when and where I grew up!

I also like the fact that they read books about crossdressing boys and think om them as heros :)

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Mar 13 17 9:54 AM

what a wonderful story about soccer playing boys in pretty dresses, this warms my heart, i would love a chance like that, i tend to chicken out and feel depressed, frozen, when halloween comes around, a long history of shame still lingers....

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