Jul 31 16 5:07 AM

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for me expression of trans, my relationship with my own transness, is so bound up with the internet.

the internet has affected an extraordinary cultural transformation. how do you see the development of your own transness and its expression in relation to the role of the internet in your life? xx 
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Jul 31 16 4:13 PM

Deborah, I was virtually April long before I became April in 3 dimensions. Existing virtually allowed me the opportunity to experiment with my identity in an environment that seemed rather safe. Clearly much of I who I have become has its roots in those experiments over the last decade.

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Jul 31 16 4:57 PM

For me the internet has been a life saver of information. Before, I was constantly searching for anything related to crossdressing, gender dysphoria, like a desperate desert wanderer looking for water and drinking whatever I could find. I remember as a child secretly reading anything I could find about Christine Jorgensen wondering if I was like her. But I also read Blanchardian theories and, since they were in print, gave them a credence they didn't deserve. As it is now I feel like I've found myself and my community and cannot imagine life without it.

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Aug 1 16 1:33 AM

I am not sure I would have survived without having been able to use the Internt in my own journey. It grew up without the Internet, and knows that it was extremely hard to find information and words that made sense of my life at that time.

Some 10 years ago I realized that I could use the web not only to find information about gender variance and crossdreamer fantasies; I could also use it to explore my own life and dreams. I set up a blog for more brainy discussions about what I now call crossdreaming -- bringing the whole thing into the open, so to speak, and in order to find others like me.

But I also joined the "tg fiction community", where crossdreamers explore their fantasies through words and imagery. This allowed me to explore everything about my fantasies in an environment that does not meet you with condemnation and ridicule.I owe that community a lot!  Moreover, I could use what I learned there when discussing crossdreaming in forums like this one.

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Aug 7 16 8:48 PM

I haven't done much on the internet. My first experience was over e-mail, with my Mistress, where I would write as Sofie. Other than that, only here.

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Aug 8 16 4:49 AM

Sofie wrote:
I haven't done much on the internet. My first experience was over e-mail, with my Mistress, where I would write as Sofie. Other than that, only here.

E-mail is part of the Internet...

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Aug 9 16 2:47 AM

thanks for your interesting comments, girls and boys.

definitely the internet has spread information and made it easier to connect with others. also it can change perception of self, liberating it from rl circumstances. u can go online and it doesn't matter where u live, what yr job is, age or gender. but that doesn't make online interaction just a game, just a fantasy.

yet rl still has its strengths - it's where our real bodies eat, breathe, take exercise, physically touch others and interact face-to-face. beautiful countryside feels better than beautifully designed web environments 2 me. so an anti-internet reaction can take me away from trans . xx

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Aug 24 16 4:00 PM

For me, Internet on it's own, trans topic aside, is twofold. Firstly, it's a "place" where I live, as I'm a person, "coming in" and "out" of it. To communicate, to learn to share, to spend my time and live my life. Secondly, internet is me. Not whole of, only the parts I'm currently connected to with invisible threads of thoughts and context. Part of my conscious always exist in the web, impossible and unreachable without it. In a way, we are all an Internet. Internet is exocortex, both hardware and software I partially run on.

So, essentially, Internet is a tool to express my transness, to feed my crossdreaming with exogenic experiences. And also Internet is my transness. Transgender, transhuman, transcendental, perhaps, even more, than I' am by proxy of my written word or memory of me shared among other people. Internet isn't just something I can be trans through/with help of, it's also the way how I am trans. You can safely use cybertrans. Because even before I realized/developed my crossdreaming transgender identity I was always open to the idea of Internet being absolutely transformative of your identity and body. You can be a 13 year old girl, dragonkin or clever bot if that's how you see it and you don't have no intention of harming others or breaking laws, which override Internet's codes of conduct.

On internet you are your myth and myth of you, whether it's a complex game or a matter of your survival. Your body and soul are made of pixels and semi-interactive tests. You might even have different identities on different sites and conglomerations with their own reputations, allies and enemies.

Transgender just got to be a part of this whole trans nature.

Last week ago... I tried virtual sex chats for the.. not a first time, but I tasted this experience better this time. Anyway, I had a bunch of conversation what baffled me the most on this anonymous text chats are requests of ASL. Most incomprehensible question ever to me It's not like anyone is compelled to tell you truth. A what's changing in your life after getting this data? Weird, I say.

Your mind is software. Program it.

Your body is a shell. Change it.
Death is a disease. Cure it.
Extinction is approaching. Fight it!

© "Eclipse Phase" by Posthuman Studios

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Aug 24 16 11:38 PM

I also see the internet as a life saver, without it I would have not discovered what I experienced last year, what I am and that this is as natural to me as breathing. it has allowed me to understand that there are so many people struggling just like me, and a life time of crossdreaming is something that is not to be ashamed of. Things like this forum has helped to improve my life and help combat my aviodant side of my personality as a result of a life time of repression.

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Aug 25 16 2:07 AM

I often wonder if my Crossdreaming would be quite what it is without the net, but I've only had the internet for 20 of my 50 years, and I was crossdreaming as I can call it now since it was 4..... so does the outlet that I have found online keep the crosssdreaming alive ... or does it keep me sane?

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Sep 4 16 12:29 AM

the thing is, the net opens up a new form of communication... and there's a way for us to escape the limits of our locality to suddenly become united with people like ourselves, regardless of distance... for me this forum is giving me a jolt of what i needed... my crossdressing is explicit and erotic... but that ambiance is only a part of who i am, and i feel myself becoming someone truer than any i have ever been... so i need to fill in vast areas... i've begun to show up dressed in public, in a safe place (Palm Springs) to have "small talk" conversations with whoever and i am finding here a place where people speak intelligently, deeply, reflectively, wisely, compassionately and comprehensively... each piece is important, and the net is as essentail to this process of realization as any other... if i had not access to this forum, to all of you... i would have to move to a place where there were people like you... but that's a fantasy... the only place WE all are is here.

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