Feb 25 16 3:53 AM

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From Yahoo News"Some thought that the premise to forthcoming action-thriller ‘Tomboy, A Revenger’s Tale’ could have been a prank of some kind…But here we have our first look at the movie - courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter - and its star, 'Fast & Furious’ alumnus Michelle Rodriguez.She plays hired assassin Frank Kitchen on a mission of vengeance – and here’s the kicker – after he is turned from a man into a woman against his will by a rogue plastic surgeon.The surgeon is played by Sigourney Weaver."
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Feb 25 16 5:56 AM

Oh dear, I am sure there will be some serious criticism from transgender people regarding this movie. Indeed, there has already been some:

LGBT group blasts Michelle Rodriguez 'gender reassignment thriller' Tomboy

GLAAD is not amused, either.

Still, when Almodovar turned SRS into a horror movie, the reactions were more muted. I wonder why.

Maybe we should wait and watch the movie.

Here is a photo from Tomboy. I can see why some  might find it speculative.


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Feb 25 16 7:57 AM

I think analysis of a piece or art - and I guess even a trashy film can be considered 'art' in the widest sense of the word needs to be reserved until that has been viewed. I'm reminded of the furore around Scorcese's "The last temptation of Christ" - which is a seriously arty film (I believe, I havn't seen it). Some Christians reacted against reports of the film, without seeing. (Others saw it and declared the film consistant with their faith in Jesus)

For sure the premise of this film doesn't sound so good from the perspective of knowing what TGism is really like. Its likely that it will be a piece of trash, and comparisons with Scorcese's work unwarrented. But if I'm going to comment adversely on a group I don't belong to (Christians) on criticising unseen, I guess I must for consitancy, throw in a words of caution for us here.

There is a justifiable fear that people will see the film and erroneously think 'Oh That's what being TG is all about.". For me the solution is to work on there being lost of accurate depections of being TG to counterbalance bad films.

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Feb 25 16 4:04 PM

A spokesperson for Glaad said "We haven’t read the script, but ….. (criticism)". I think I'll withhold criticizing it until I've seen it…. but that said, I won't be rushing to see it either.

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Feb 26 16 4:18 AM

I personally don't see how the film will offend trans people unless there is something in the plot line that makes light of the transgender experience, if anything it will bring awareness of how things would be for someone in the wrong body. Still I'll await to see the film first. I remember David Cronenbergs film Crash being played to a test audience of disabled people in the UK to make sure they would not be offended before main release. There was concerns of  disabled characters being sexual arosed by the act of a car crash. They were not offended.

Saw this (trans) joke in the paper the other day regarding the difference in male and female salaries in the UK - it raised a smile :-)

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Feb 26 16 9:20 AM

It bothers me that the premise of the film is so naff, but that's about it.

Gender is something which has been woefully under explored in film, beyond standard biopic-style fare. There's such a huge potential for science fiction and psychological horror especially... I'd especially love to see Cronenberg or Lynch seriously explore gender - I've often felt there are hints here and there in both their works. Benway's woman-suit in Naked Lunch, Bob speaking through Laura in Fire Walk With Me: "He says he wants to be me or he'll kill me.", etc...

If only Cronenberg would stop being boring and get back to filming unfilmable books: an adaptation of Angela Carter's The Passion of New Eve perhaps? :)

Cheryl: the book of Crash is an incredible exploration of the malleability of human sexuality, amongst other things... If I remember correctly, one of the secondary characters is a transvestite.

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